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5 Tips to Get the Raise You Deserve

  Do you think you deserve a raise? Do you avoid asking for one because you’re not sure you’ll hear the response you want? You’re not alone. Many employees in the healthcare field aren’t sure how to broach the issue of a raise. The truth is that most companies don’t just hand out raises to [...]

Maximize Your Opportunity for a Career Move

As healthcare recruiters, the best piece of advice that we can provide to professionals is to start focusing more on your long-term goals now. Instead of viewing what you are doing as merely a job, consider it as an opportunity to further your diagnostic sales career. If you’re considering new opportunities, then it’s time to [...]

Paying Attention to Retention

You’ve likely started to see a shift in headlines. No longer focused on what we have been through, the new emphasis is on what’s to come. Though it’s impossible to predict the future, it certainly seems reasonable that the forecast could be correct: a mass employee exodus is coming. How can you stop it? And [...]

Making High-Quality Decisions

Few things will improve the quality of your life more than learning how to make high-quality decisions. Yet amazingly, no one really teaches us how to do it. Not in grade school; not in high school. Most college majors don’t require courses in critical thinking or decision making. Has anyone ever told you that their [...]

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