Many employers dread the task of hiring. It represents a time-consuming process rife with uncertainty. Many organizations lack a well-tested and effective hiring strategy, so the lack of preparation contributes to the overall stress. Here are three major reasons that employers dread hiring new employees, and what you can do to improve your process and make it more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Significant Time Investment

Often, the hiring timeline is slow. There are many stakeholders who need to give input. The interview phase alone can last for weeks. These days, companies are using more screening tools, like background checks and skill tests. One reason hiring takes so much time is that people overthink their decisions. They are afraid of making the wrong decision because they’ve experienced the headache of making a bad hire in the past. You can make smart decisions quickly, as long as you have a solid process in place.


No Process in Place

Hiring involves many different people and steps, so without a well thought out process, it is easy for it to become complicated, laborious, and costly. There are several aspects that can cause problems: one is the application system and job postings. You need an application that is clean and easy to use and job descriptions that appeal to the target candidates, otherwise, you’ll drive away top candidates and slow down the whole process. Job descriptions should clearly state the job responsibilities while still expressing as much as possible about the culture and opportunities available to the candidate. It’s also important to be clear about what the candidate should expect during and after the interview phase, so they fully understand the company’s hiring process.


Hiring out of Desperation

Another common reason people dread hiring is that they wait until they are desperate to start looking for candidates. When you are pushed for time, the process becomes much more stressful. When you have a vacant position that you desperately need to fill, you want to fill it as fast as possible. But you also don’t want to hire the wrong person. This can be overwhelming. The easiest way to remedy this is to always be interviewing and searching for candidates. That way, when a position opens up, you don’t have to start the hiring process from scratch.


Most hiring processes are slow, taxing, and stressful. It’s not surprising that many employers dread bringing on new employees. However, if you have a solid process in place and don’t wait until the last minute to start searching for talent, the process becomes much more manageable and even more enjoyable!


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