Providing candidates with a positive experience during the hiring process is one of the best ways to establish a strong company culture that is trusted in the healthcare industry. Online ratings and reviews are also important. When consumers are trying to narrow down which healthcare provider they want to use, they tend to rely heavily on reviews that are posted on popular social media platforms and search engines. Just remember that your customers aren’t the only ones that can influence your bottom line. A poor hiring process can be just as detrimental as substandard customer service. Here are some strategies that you can use to promote a strong positive candidate experience during the hiring process.


Make a Great Impression

As healthcare recruiters, we understand just how critical it is to make a great impression on candidates during the hiring process. The entire process can be seen as a courtship where both sides are getting to know each other. Don’t go into it with a “take us or leave us” kind of attitude. You want to be in the position to attract candidates by your organizations unique culture, and what you have to offer in terms of career advancement opportunities and growth. It’s important to put your best foot forward to ensure that the candidate is comfortable and gets to know the true culture of your organization. That means that all of your contact with the candidate should be authentic, timely, and considerate. It’s important to be present, warm, and genuine to get to know someone new in this context.


Treat Candidates Equally and Fairly

Always follow this golden rule: treat your healthcare sales career candidates with respect during the hiring process regardless of the circumstances. For instance, provide them with advance notice about the itinerary, who will be interviewing them, along with who they can expect to meet. You can email your candidates an agenda that also includes the focus areas that you plan to cover.


Communicate Quickly and Clearly

Many organizations fail to maintain consistent communication with their candidates. You will never gain the trust of your candidates by leaving them hanging. It might take a little extra time to send personalized emails to candidates that didn’t make the cut. But this gesture proves your professionalism and provides them with the necessary closure that they need. It also keeps them in your network for future diagnostics marketing careers where they might be a better fit. Candidates that are still being considered for your positions also need frequent status updates.


Treating candidates with respect and cultivating a positive experience during the hiring process is something that may not be fully understood by many organizations. Especially in a competitive market like the current one, rolling out the red carpet for candidates is really essential. A top priority should be promoting a strong positive candidate experience during the hiring process. Remember – every candidate interview is a touchpoint for your company image!


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