Often, recruiters and interview coaches like to focus on what not to say during an interview. But you can make yourself stand out to healthcare hiring managers by also knowing what to say. Making sure to show your strengths and ask great questions will help set you apart. In this blog, we’ll cover how to ace your interview with effective communication by sharing examples of great interview questions and thoughtful comments.


“I appreciate you taking the time to meet with me.” 

It’s important to acknowledge that hiring managers have busy schedules when they are not interviewing prospective employees. A career in healthcare sales requires a certain amount of class and telling your interviewer that you appreciate their time will help you stand out from the rest of the competition.



“I’ve developed a great deal because of…”

Instead of talking negatively about your current or former employer, look for ways to paint the experience you had with them in a positive light. Maintaining a good reputation is just one of the many traits needed to be successful in a diagnostics sales career, and a good way to tarnish it is by badmouthing a past boss. It’s acceptable to mention some adversity, just make sure to highlight how you were able to overcome it and learn from it. Here are some responses and tips you can use if you’re asked to talk about former employers.


  • “I chose to seek other opportunities because the work culture didn’t match my values.”
  • Focus on accomplishments rather than conflicts.
  • Discuss what you learned during your tenure with them.


“How would you describe your experience here?”

Hiring managers are able to better determine your interest in the position when you ask them about what they like about their company. They will likely enjoy talking about the accomplishments that they’ve had there. This also enables you to gain an insider’s perspective about the work culture that you can only find from within.


“I work well on a team.” 

Ensuring that you can coexist in a team environment is near the top of every healthcare recruiter’s checklist. You can help remove any doubts by sharing specific instances of how you helped your team succeed in the past.


“What steps can I expect next?”

It takes confidence and commitment to really ace an interview, so be sure you make it clear to them that you really want the job. Asking about the next steps shows that you are committed to the process.


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