You may be a great performer at your company, but if your relationship with your boss could use some improvement, then you may be inadvertently sabotaging your career. All of your small behaviors influence how your manager perceives you. Here are four mistakes you might be making with your boss in healthcare.

  1. Acting Too Casually Around Them

One mistake many professionals in healthcare make is acting too casually around their boss. Perhaps you work in a relaxed, laidback atmosphere, or perhaps your boss seems cool. You might even see your manager as a friend. No matter the reason, when you are around your boss, you need to maintain a professional demeanor. You want your boss to respect you and know that you are serious about your job, otherwise they will hesitate to trust you with greater responsibility.

  1. Not Asking for Feedback

Another common mistake people make with their boss is waiting for them to provide feedback. If your boss doesn’t give you regular feedback, it’s your responsibility to seek out constructive criticism. You need feedback from your boss to understand how you can improve your performance. You might have bad habits you don’t even realize you’re making. When you do seek out feedback, don’t fish for compliments. Focus on learning what steps you can do become a better employee.  Be sure to listen completely to the feedback and let them finish talking before responding. It is important that you don’t get defensive to get the most out of the feedback.

  1. Oversharing

When you like your boss, it’s tempting to overshare. At work, boundaries are critical; you need to maintain your image as a professional. While you can have conversations with your boss that don’t relate to work, you don’t want to talk about the hangover you had Sunday morning, your relationship problems, or who you voted for in the last election. You also want to pay attention to what you post on social media. Don’t badmouth your boss or the company you work for on Facebook, since they might see the posts. Don’t let your personal life hurt your reputation at work; it is always wise to keep healthy boundaries between your personal and professional life.

  1. Not Asking for Clarity About Goals

Another mistake to avoid is not asking for clarity regarding goals. If you aren’t sure what your boss’s goals are, what the company objectives are, or how you can help contribute to these goals, ask for clarity. Your boss will appreciate you taking the initiative. You’re showing them that you care about the company’s success and care about the role you play in the organization. Plus, it’s always beneficial for you and your boss to be on the same page. Getting common clarity on the key results expected can dramatically increase your chances of success.

Your boss can have a huge influence on your career. They might have a say in a future promotion and they may be a reference later on in your career. You need to have a good relationship with them. For this reason, it’s important to act professionally around them, request their feedback, avoid oversharing, and ensure you understand their goals.


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