Holiday parties are an excellent way to allow your team members to build bonds and have fun together. The holiday season is also a great opportunity to show your appreciation for your team. Here are some tips for ways to appreciate your team during the holidays and some useful do’s and don’ts about holiday celebrations.

Do Throw a Holiday-Centered Potluck

Potlucks make great parties because they allow the whole team to participate. Your employees will enjoy sharing recipes and coming up with delicious treats to make. It is something fun that everyone can partake in that builds team spirit.

Do Have a Cookie Exchange

Cookie swaps are a fun holiday-themed activity many people will enjoy. Cookies are one of the few things most everyone enjoys baking and more importantly, eating. Have employees include recipes with their cookies to make the activity more interactive. Also, make sure people specify any food allergies they might have. You don’t want to leave anyone out.

 Do Go See a Show Together

Most employees will jump at the chance to do a fun group activity together that gets them out of the office. Have everyone go see a play or comedy show together, or even just a movie at the nearest cinema. This can be a great bonding activity, too.

Do Have a Holiday Happy Hour or Holiday Lunch

Most of your employees are just looking to kick back and relax. Hosting a happy hour or a lunch at a local bar or restaurant could be the perfect option. Drink and food prices can range drastically from one venue to the next, which makes this a good option for both small and large organizations.

Do Go Ice Skating

If you want to do something outside of the box, take your team ice skating. This is festive activity many people enjoy. Even those who can’t skate will still enjoy watching their coworkers on the ice.

Have a Decorating Contest

A little festive competition will put everyone in the holiday spirit. Have your team members decorate their office or doors in a holiday theme. Then, see who comes up with the most creative design. Your employees will have fun decorating for the holidays, and the workplace will become more festive in the process. It’s a “win-win!”

Don’t Get Drunk at the Holiday Party

Parties are supposed to be fun, but you are still in a professional setting. You don’t want to drink too much at the holiday party and do or say something embarrassing in front of your team. Be sure to encourage employees to plan to Uber or Lyft home after the party if alcohol is involved.

Don’t Force People to Participate
The purpose of holiday celebrations is to allow your team to have some fun and relaxation during the otherwise stressful holiday season. You don’t want to force employees to participate in everything you do. If they feel like it is mandatory, it stops being fun. Not everyone enjoys parties, happy hours, ice skating, etc. and that’s okay.


As the year draws to a close, it’s the perfect time to show your team how much you appreciate them by hosting holiday-themed activities that will bring much needed cheer and merriment into the workplace.


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