The demand for talented sales and marketing candidates has skyrocketed as healthcare companies continue to rapidly expand across the US. Unfortunately, many of these organizations are also struggling to fill some of their most essential and front-line positions since there are often more of these roles open than there are available candidates. Here are some of the reasons why engaging with a recruiting firm is a wise investment strategy.


  • If the open position is NOT something that can be filled by internal promotion. Sometimes, the best candidates for a role might already be working in an organization, and it’s much more efficient for the hiring manager to promote from within. But there will be times when you need to broaden your search to find people with the necessary qualifications that are not already on HR’s radar. If you require a candidate with a specific skill set that is hard to find, then you should consider partnering with a recruiting firm to help avoid making a bad hire that could cost time and money.
  • If the role is time-critical in order to fill an open sales territory. There will be vacant positions, like sales representatives, managers, etc., that are crucial to fill as soon as possible to avoid losing customers and revenue. Bringing in a recruiter dramatically improves the time to hire for those positions.
  • If the role is critical to launching a new product or service. The overall success of a new product or service is heavily dependent upon having the most qualified sales and marketing team in place.
  • If the client has no “brand awareness” in that particular market. Better recruitment correlates highly with better brand awareness. We not only understand the importance of this, but we know how to leverage the brand of our clients to attract more candidates and can “tell their story in the market” to attract the best passive candidates.
  • If the client, particularly the hiring manager or HR, doesn’t have the administrative bandwidth to complete the process. If they don’t have the time and energy to identify, source, screen, present, and interview candidates through the complete hiring process in addition to the standard duties of their job, hiring a recruiter is a wise choice. One of the most common misconceptions about HR professionals is that their sole duty is hiring employees. In truth, they are also responsible for many other important functions including employee relations, payroll, benefits, and training. Industry-specific recruiters are 100% focused on finding the best candidates for the job (e.g., just recruiting).
  • The internal recruiters are not technically or clinically experienced enough. If your internal team is not prepared to conduct a thorough screening of the desired candidates for a particular role, hiring a recruiter is a great option.


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