If you’re in the process of hiring talent or concerned about the quality of your current staff, you may want to consider working with a recruiter. Yet, before you take the leap, you may know that there are numerous misconceptions about the recruiting process and search consultants. It may be time to reconsider some of those ideas. By confronting the myths, you can improve your hiring process and hopefully attract better talent. Here are three common misconceptions about recruiting.


  1. Posting a Job Ad Will Suffice

Posting a job advertisement will help job hunters who are actively searching for a job find your opportunity. The problem with this is that the majority of talented professionals aren’t actually looking at job ads. Research performed by LinkedIn showed that only about 15% of adults are completely happy with their job, yet only about a quarter of people are actively looking for new opportunities. This suggests that there are numerous people open to taking a new position who wouldn’t be looking at job listings. You need a broader strategy that also includes social media, networking, and possibly a recruiting firm.


  1. You Only Need to Recruit When You Have a Position to Fill

While it makes sense to start recruiting when you need additional staff, recruiting works best when it is an ongoing process. You should continually be interviewing and searching for talent. Not only will this ensure a faster hiring process when you do need to fill a position, but it will help you establish your employer brand, improve your presence online, and make you more attractive to prospective talent. If you regularly search for talent, you’ll start forming relationships with prospective candidates well before you actually need to make a hire. This alone will streamline your hiring process, saving you time and money in the long run.



  1. It Helps to Hire Multiple Recruiting Firms

The number of candidates who have the right skills, experiences, values, and personality traits to succeed at your company is actually quite limited. If you hire multiple agencies to help your recruit talent, you will likely receive duplicate CVs, which will end up wasting your time. It also saturates the market in a way that harms your reputation among potential candidates. For instance, if a candidate is contacted by multiple recruiters about the same position, it may make the company seem desperate and not very selective. Multiple search firms create “extra work” for the hiring manager to have to communicate with each firm.  “More is usually better” but not so in this situation. It is better to hire one recruiting firm that will take the time to understand your company culture and will ask the right questions to assemble the very best candidates for your role.


These three misconceptions about recruiting and hiring are quite common. Many companies who fall for these myths end up with a hiring process that is slower and more expensive than it needs to be. To help attract better talent, you should be searching for talent on a regular basis, use a hiring strategy that incorporates more than just job ads, and work closely with a single recruiting firm that will commit to making your hiring process a top priority. Good luck!


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