A Recruiting Success Story: Building Momentum in the Marketplace


Great progress can be made by working with an industry-specific recruiter. With one particular client, we were able to fill several key positions for their upcoming product launch. They were looking to enter the market with an innovative molecular diagnostics instrument and needed some essential roles filled. Here’s how we helped put them on their path to success.


Company in Transition

We worked with a prominent molecular diagnostics company as they made their transition from a development group to a commercial organization. They were launching and bringing to market a new, innovative instrument in a crowded, molecular diagnostics niche. When they reached out to us for new talent, we were prepared for the challenges that would arise in engaging the top passive candidates. We conducted extensive research to get beneath the surface in order to truly understand their corporate culture and tell their story. We discovered that they had a nimble, entrepreneurial culture that we could share with candidates during our healthcare executive search. We needed to find individuals who could be successful and fit with their unique culture.


Strategic Partnership

We knew from the onset that it would take a strategic partnership in order to find, screen, and hire a new team including five Business Development Managers (BDMs), a Director of Marketing, and a Director of Customer Service. We needed to be sure there was 100% alignment on the ideal targets for each role. We accomplished this by tapping into our extensive network to rapidly build a qualified slate of candidates for each role. We delivered a final list of candidates for each role to present to the organization and coordinated the interviews. It took a very proactive approach that produced an efficient hiring process which included weekly conference calls to ensure consistent, timely progress and quick feedback to not only resolve issues, but to keep the best candidates engaged so that we didn’t lose any of them to the competition.


Unified Team

All seven roles were filled by highly talented professionals within four months. Candidates were successfully identified, interviewed, hired, and joined the organization in that time. We filled these key positions with individuals we knew would be successful in this company’s culture. We helped build a unified team by partnering closely with this client to understand their needs fully upfront. It was a very successful partnership and focused achievement to fill their healthcare executive positions in that time. All new hires went through training and the team has already built significant momentum (and created a buzz) for the molecular diagnostics solutions they are bringing to market.



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