As a leader, you have to assemble a team of experts who work well together. An even more important responsibility is finding a way to keep that team motivated so that they are also performing at their best. Expectations for regional sales managers in healthcare are high so you need talent that is driven to succeed. Here are some tips to help keep your team motivated to perform.


Have Clear Goals

Motivating and inspiring a team usually has a familiar recipe. First, you have to clearly communicate a shared goal or challenge for your team. It is one of the best ways to foster teamwork. If the team has a shared goal to work towards, they will keep each other motivated. You should also help everyone on the team understand what the “win” is for achieving or exceeding the goal. What does the individual win? What does the team win? If the team has clear goals and rewards, motivation will follow.


Map out Milestones

It can be hard for team members to keep their eye on the end game. Setting milestones will help keep them focused and engaged. Make the individual milestones achievable, but also challenging. They won’t enjoy the work if it is too easy, so setting milestones that are challenging will encourage the team to test their limits and keep the work exciting.


Make it Fun

Employees perform better if they have milestones and goals to work toward that are fun. Establish an atmosphere of friendly competition. Individual goals are great for fostering competition. Whereas team goals foster collaboration toward a common objective. Once you have a team goal set, make it fun. It should be an exciting environment that gets your team energized to achieve. One way to do this is to celebrate successes and recognize failures and learn from them. Give a shout-out to your regional sales managers in team meetings. When employees know they’re performing well, they will be driven to try even harder. It feels good to succeed and to be appreciated for hard work.


Make the Initiative Visible

You want the initiative to be visible, so the team members understand that it is a big deal. Give it a creative name and make a visual for that goal front and center in your office. Maybe you have a “Dog Days of Summer” sales goal for your account executives. Then have a poster made with a dog and put a dog bowl in the room for your team to add dog bones to for each sale made. If your team sees the visual every day and gets to interact with it, then that helps to keep them motivated. This keeps the initiative front and center while helping the team stay incentivized. Who can’t get excited and put a smile on their face when they see a heaping dog bowl stacked with bones?!


Leaders are challenged to keep their team members motivated so they consistently perform at a high level. What’s the recipe? Add clear communication and straightforward goals and milestones. Sprinkle in some fun, visible incentives into the equation and you’ll be “cooking with gas” with a highly energized workforce.


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