As healthcare recruiters, the best piece of advice that we can provide to professionals is to start focusing more on your long-term goals now. Instead of viewing what you are doing as merely a job, consider it as an opportunity to further your diagnostic sales career. If you’re considering new opportunities, then it’s time to take stock and examine what you are trying to achieve. Often, candidates only take a short-term perspective on their next position, looking at it as merely a “job change” and focusing very heavily on compensation. Unfortunately, this often leads to a short duration in the next job and a wasted opportunity. Rather than a “job change,” it’s time to view this as a “career move” and ask yourself questions about the “Four P’s” when considering a new opportunity.  What are the 4P’s? Let’s cover them.


Start by asking:

  • How solid is the leadership of the company, as well as your immediate supervisor?
  • Is this their first rodeo or have they shown consistent, positive leadership in their track record?
  • What can you learn from them?

It’s important to examine the leadership of the company (People). Consider whether they will provide good leadership by analyzing their past performance. It’s helpful to inquire if there are training or learning opportunities available to further your career.

Personality (Culture)

  • Do they “walk their talk”?
  • Do they invest in their employees and promote from within?
  • Is it an open, ethical, transparent culture or is everyone watching their back?

Be on the lookout for signs of a toxic work culture. Some of the obvious signs are high employee turnover, lack of motivation and feeling disengaged. If it appears that people are always looking over their shoulders, then workforce anxiety could be to blame. Look for healthcare sales careers with companies that have an open, ethical, and transparent culture. Companies with the best work cultures also have a history of investing in their employees and promoting from within.

Product (or Service)

  • Is the product or service unique?
  • Are there barriers to entry or patents?
  • Is this a “one-trick pony” company or are there new products coming down the pipeline?

Look for opportunities for you to sell a product or service that is unique or a “market leader”. If a company has new products coming down the pipeline, then it will ensure that you’re not in a short-term job and could have a bright future. Barriers to entry and patents can also be significant obstacles to keep competitors out of your market.

Package (Compensation and Benefits)

  • We all have bills to pay and need to be fairly rewarded.
  • Are there some Long Term Incentives (LTI) that employees can receive and share the company’s gains?

Regardless of the career move opportunity you choose, we all have financial responsibilities and we need to be fairly compensated, based upon our skills and experience. As healthcare recruiters, we can help you find opportunities that offer some Long Term Incentives (LTI) that employees can receive and share the company’s gains.

A career change is a good way to challenge yourself to grow and succeed. Always be looking for new training and networking possibilities. When you’re considering new opportunities, think of it as a career move instead of just a job change and use these 4P’s as a framework or rubric to rank them.


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