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Clinical Diagnostics

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Medical Device

Biotechnology & Life Science


Sequencing, CRISPR, and gene edits have opened up an exciting new world for early drug discovery and development, in addition to traditional life sciences.

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Clinical Diagnostics

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COVID has woven clinical diagnostics into the fabric of our society. Accurate, timely, and cost-effective tests are moving closer to the patient and are more important than ever.

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Medical Device

medical device

Exciting disruptive innovations in surgery, treatments, neurology, wearables, and telehealth are pushing healthcare forward.

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Improve Lives. Serve Others. Talent Wins!

“To improve lives by serving growing, innovative biotech/clinical diagnostics companies and exceptional candidates through our proven process, resulting in a competitive talent advantage.”

Our Team

Our expert team has an average of more than 10 years of industry experience.

What makes us unique is our practical experience as hiring managers and as candidates in positions such as sales, marketing, service, operations and executive leadership, giving us powerful insight to talent engagement.


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What our Candidates are saying

Zach Zahorka and Shannon Lund were both wonderful to work with. The interview support that they gave to me prepared me for a successful interview process, something that I had not done in 9 years! Thank you again for everything.

I was very happy with Zach and Shannon’s efforts. They kept up frequent and open communication, and the work they did to help prep me for every step of the process was instrumental in my getting the role.

As I have told Zach, he and BroadReach as a whole were the most professional and prepared recruiter I have ever dealt with. I absolutely felt throughout the process that Zach was my advocate. I would not have gotten this position without him. I really appreciate Zach’s efforts and understanding of my situation and taking the time to work with me. Thank you so much for providing an outstanding service.

Sam Wilkinson has been a professional coach every step of the way.

Sam was a true advocate and advisor. I cannot speak highly enough about his helpful pulls of information, consistent and clear communication, and great demeanor. This has been an incredibly smooth and simple process with a placement I could not be more excited about. Thank you to Sam and the BroadReach team.

Zach is an incredible recruiter. He saw a match for me for the role before I saw it. The interview prep materials were spot-on effective and efficient. I would recommend BroadReach and Zach Zahorka to companies and professionals seeking candidates and new roles.

Truthfully, probably the easiest search experience I have had. Vicky provided me documentation that made my first round interview easier, and dropped nuggets of information that I used throughout my final interview. I am excited to start my new position and will definitely keep Broadreach in my rolodex for others I know who might be moving soon.

I’m so glad Zach reached out to me about this opportunity. My process was long as I interviewed for three roles, however, Zach was so helpful throughout the process and in the end, it all worked out for the best. Thank you!

Zach was really great! It is really refreshing to work with a professional recruiter during the interview process. He was so helpful in preparing for interviews and providing feedback. I am so grateful for his support in landing a really awesome position!

So many good things to say. Jackie was helpful, informed, and timely during every stage of the interview & hiring process. Highly Recommend.

I loved working with Vicky! She was amazing. Probably the best recruiter I have ever worked with.

Zach was phenomenal to work with. I don’t think I told him that enough. He was very knowledgeable about the company and the role which is so important. He was genuine, transparent, always followed up with me even if there was delays, and was an overall great gentleman to work with. He also was not pushy like many recruiters can be. He allowed me to make decisions on if I wanted to move forward in the process and always asked what my thoughts were. This approach worked great. I have always steered clear from recruiters but I would definitely work with Zach again. I have also already recommended Zach to a few folks that I have connections with. Thank you for changing my life, Zach.

Great experience and the support from Shannon was a huge asset for my candidacy.

Jackie was always on top of what the next steps were, who I needed to know, and answers to all my questions.

I truly enjoyed the level of professionalism I experienced with BroadReach.

Jackie was very courteous, professional and timely in all of her communications with me. She gave me accurate and useful information regarding the role and was always available if I needed more advice or guidance. Working with her was easy and a delight.

Jackie was spot on with her knowledge of the company, their process and requirements for the role. Her advice and guidance at each step of the process were valuable and helped me immensely.

I was well prepared for the interviews. I was given specific details and not just general interview etiquette and information.

If there was an 11 that would be my answer to all the questions. Zach is amazing and I would recommend him to any of my friends and colleagues! This was by far the best experience interviewing and being walked through the process. I never had to wonder where things were at – Zach kept me up to date almost daily for the month long process. He truly found my perfect role, I am beyond excited to continue my healthcare marketing career next week. Thanks Zach!

What a wonderful experience. Vicky was very knowledgeable and helpful. She was an advocate for me the whole way and kept me updated through the process. I have worked with recruiters before but never have they taken the amount of time Vicky did to make her candidate successful.

Two things stand out. 1) Vicky was able to pick me out (correctly!) , from all the millions of people on LinkedIn, as a viable (strong? excellent? perfect??) candidate for this role. 2) Support was provided, throughout the interview process, to allow me to be my best. That support was critical to me being hired for this role. I will eternally be grateful to Vicky and Bob!

Vicky Case was awesome in helping me secure the position. She always made sure I was prepared and ready for the next stage of the interview process. As I was transitioning from marketing to sales she coached me on what to expect in the subsequent stages. She was extremely friendly, easy to talk to and a pleasure to work with.

It was hands down the most positive experience I have ever had with a recruiter. Zach and Shannon are rockstars!! Will refer friends and colleagues should the need arise. Thank you.

Great process, run extremely efficient with timely communications. Zach would reach out even if there was nothing to update on just to reassure me that the process was still moving. He listened to my concerns and was an advocate with the employer. Additionally he was very detailed through the interview process, sending me links to each interviewers’ LinkedIn, their individual interview styles and details to take note of.

Shannon was well informed about the details of the position. She was extremely knowledgeable about the hiring managers and the company. Shannon is responsive and resourceful. I would highly recommend Shannon as she displayed enthusiasm and professionalism.

Jackie is the best! While the interview process is often nerve-racking and a bit scary, Jackie transformed it into a smooth and exciting event. I believe that her prep, advice, and guidance directly contributed to my success. Even after the offer was accepted, she went above and beyond to check-in with me on how I am doing and feeling. It’s not just a job for her, it’s evident that she genuinely cares about the candidates supporting them both professionally and personally.

Working with Bob was a very enjoyable and smooth process. I appreciate his timely, supportive and useful information and would recommend him to my friends and colleagues.

Jackie was extremely helpful in preparing me for my interviews. She provided great supporting documents to ensure my success. There was a couple items that had changed related to the job description she described however, these were not big issues/out of her control. I am very happy with Jackie and her assistance.

Jackie Miller provided the best service as a recruiter that I have ever experienced. She provided excellent resources, excellent insight, and described the job, the company, and the process honestly from the start. She is hardworking, diligent, kind, and honest. I highly doubt there is a better recruiter out there.

Zach was very valuable in my recruitment, he offered great coaching tips and resources to help me to be the best prepared candidate interviewing with the hiring manager.

What our Clients are saying

Sam was phenomenal to work with, even through a difficult time like COVID. He found a great candidate for the position. Will recommend Sam and Broadreach anytime. Thank you!

Zach’s level of communication and presentation is at the highest level of any of the recruiters I’ve worked with in the past. I’d encourage anyone who is considering BroadReach to partner with Zach to find the best candidates.

Zach is great.

BroadReach was instrumental in helping us rebuild the team in record time. In the past, we have had positions open for a year or more. Now, we filled 6 positions in about 6 months. They really took the time to learn about my management style and company culture. We built an amazing team together and I look forward to working with them on future openings.

Always excellent service and outstanding talent.

Zach is one of the most professional and organized people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. If it were solely up to me, I wouldn’t use anyone else for my hiring needs.

I enjoyed working with Sam & Shannon in this search. We’re not the “easiest” company to search for because of our needs.

Thanks to Vickie for helping me through a difficult San Fran sales hire with a candidate that rejected at the finish line requiring a restart.

Not all of the candidates were a great fit but I appreciated having options provided. Also, you were a great help in scheduling the interviews in an accurate and timely manner. This was maybe the most help out of the process due to the craziness in my schedule during the period.

Zach found me 3 qualified candidates. He did the up-front work of recruiting and preparing the candidates for interview. Zach also stuck with me in efforts to secure the hire in my Fargo territory. I was most impressed.

Considering that it took a year to fill the NYC slot the first time, I was amazed how fast the process was to fill it this time.

Kathryn was super to work with. Her manner of interviewing me to achieve understanding of my needs was key sourcing and screening the right candidates. I also greatly appreciated her directness and overall communication style- this helped us stay aligned and move through the process efficiently.