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Biotechnology & Life Sciences

Biotechnology & Life Sciences

Biotechnology &
Life Sciences

Broadreach Search Partners - clinical diagnostics

Clinical Diagnostics

Clinical Diagnostics

Clinical Diagnostics

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Medical Device

Medical Device

Medical Device

Biotechnology & Life Science

Broadreach Search Partners - biotechnology

Sequencing, CRISPR, and gene edits have opened up an exciting new world for early drug discovery and development, in addition to traditional life sciences.

Clinical Diagnostics

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COVID has woven clinical diagnostics into the fabric of our society. Accurate, timely, and cost-effective tests are moving closer to the patient and are more important than ever.

Medical Device

Broadreach Search Partners - medical device

Exciting disruptive innovations in surgery, treatments, neurology, wearables, and telehealth are pushing healthcare forward.

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Improve Lives. Serve Others. Talent Wins!

“To improve lives by serving growing, innovative biotech/clinical diagnostics companies and exceptional candidates through our proven process, resulting in a competitive talent advantage.”


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Our Team

Our expert team of biotech recruiters has an average of more than 10 years of biotechnology industry experience.

What makes us unique is our practical experience as hiring managers and as candidates in positions such as sales, marketing, service, operations and executive leadership, giving us powerful insight to talent engagement.


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What our Candidates are saying

Lea was incredible helpful throughout the whole process and I appreciate everything she did for me. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for new opportunities and I will keep her in mind for the future. Lea was an absolute pleasure to work with.

Enjoyed working with Sam. He was very polite and professional in his approach. He
listened and was understanding of my needs and concerns. We worked together
through the interview process, and I feel he was instrumental in helping to provide a
positive outcome.

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I had a fantastic experience with Vicky Case, she was thorough and supportive in ways I would not anticipate from a recruiter. Looking forward to working with Vicky again in the future as the business grows and I expand my team.

Zach was super! Very thorough and thoughtful. He made sure that I had all of the information I needed prior to and post every interview. He answered all my questions and provided spectacular advice!

Leah was amazing! I know she was hired to find a candidate for us but at the same time, she made me feel like she also had my best interest. She was super responsive, thoughtful, and thorough during our chats. I truly enjoyed the process and I am very happy she reached out about this position… I can’t wait to get started!

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Vicky was not only a great proactive recruiter, but she also played the role of an advisor throughout the process. She supported and went out of the way to assist me during every step of the process and I would like to thank her for her work!

If there was an 11 that would be my answer to all the questions. Zach is amazing and I would recommend him to any of my friends and colleagues! This was by far the best experience interviewing and being walked through the process. I never had to wonder where things were at – Zach kept me up to date almost daily for the month long process. He truly found my perfect role, I am beyond excited to continue my healthcare marketing career next week. Thanks Zach!

Shannon was a very good recruiter and I love the way she makes you equipped with documents for the interview. She is very good at following up and understanding the candidate’s requirements!

Zach was phenomenal to work with. I don’t think I told him that enough. He was very knowledgeable about the company and the role which is so important. He was genuine, transparent, always followed up with me even if there was delays, and was an overall great gentleman to work with. He also was not pushy like many recruiters can be. He allowed me to make decisions on if I wanted to move forward in the process and always asked what my thoughts were. This approach worked great. I have always steered clear from recruiters but I would definitely work with Zach again. I have also already recommended Zach to a few folks that I have connections with. Thank you for changing my life, Zach.

Jackie Miller is an outstanding recruiter. Her engagement in the process made my application process very smooth. This was the best recruiting process that I ever had. Jackie made continuing the application feel seamless, and her advocacy was phenomenal. I would live to have Jackie as my recruiter for future roles, and I would recommend my professional contacts to work with her for any roles that she is working on.

Bob was an incredible supporter, so much so that I didn’t consider him as entirely a recruiter. He helped me with the process and in understanding the ins and outs of navigating job interviews while in the middle of an ongoing job. He helped me understand the role and some of the people that are involved in this opportunity and in the company that I am applying to. I genuinely had a good experience with Bob and I appreciated his flexibility with my busy schedule so that he could chat with me when I looked for feedback or had questions. I appreciate Bob’s ability and candor. Thank you again Bob for supporting me on this, not just as a recruiter, but as a fellow citizen.

ZACHARY J. ZAHORKA is a true professional recruiter. He provided great guidance for the interview and hiring process and follow-ups. Communication, personal relatability, persistent follow-through, and responsiveness were some of the key attributes leading to a great job transition experience with Zach.

Two things stand out. 1) Vicky was able to pick me out (correctly!) , from all the millions of people on LinkedIn, as a viable (strong? excellent? perfect??) candidate for this role. 2) Support was provided, throughout the interview process, to allow me to be my best. That support was critical to me being hired for this role. I will eternally be grateful to Vicky and Bob!

Zach has been superb! Out of MANY recruiters across the US and Europe I have met,
Zach has elevated his approach with the care of detail and preparation and is truly the
most engaged recruiter I ever met. I have had no shortage of recruiters over the years,
whether I was looking or not, and none stick out as much as he does. His commitment
and engagement across both the client and recruit are top-notch. Well done. Thanks!

Working with Ms. Vicky Case has been an absolute pleasure. She was very thorough in answering all of my questions and explaining the role and its responsibilities. Ms.Case also consistently checked in and made sure that I was aware of any developments in the process. She also provided great advice and materials so that I
would be well-prepared for the interview. Throughout the entire process, she was patient, kind, understanding, and supportive. I would highly recommend Ms. Case to anyone who is searching for a job.

What our Clients are saying

Jackie is simply stated, the best recruiter I have ever worked with. She has a very detailed discovery process upfront starting her search to ensure she matches
candidates with the needs of the hiring organization. Every candidate I spoke with was
pre-screened and well-informed about the role they were interviewing for. I had an
excellent experience and will continue to be a client when I have a need.

Thanks for the assistance. First experience with recruiting with BRSP and it was great!

Zach was incredibly thorough, prompt, responsive, and a pleasure to work with.

Vicky was an amazing partner through this process and we will consider BR for future searches.

BroadReach was instrumental in helping us rebuild the team in record time. In the past, we have had positions open for a year or more. Now, we filled 6 positions in about 6 months. They really took the time to learn about my management style and company culture. We built an amazing team together and I look forward to working with them on future openings.

Vicky found some nice qualified candidates for my open role and was able to present candidates that aligned with my goals and expectations for the position. This was incredibly helpful throughout the process.

It’s been a pleasure working with BroadReach. They’ve supplied quality candidates and provided timely guidance throughout the hiring process.

BroadReach is absolutely the best agency I’ve ever worked with. The team works hard to not only understand our company thoroughly but our hiring practices, the reasoning for banding people where we do, the team, and always strives to get us the best talent for our type of team dynamic and company stage. Additionally, I have heard plenty of positive feedback about Jackie from the candidates as well. She takes meticulous notes, is very prepared, and has an excellent level of communication.

Loved working with Lea! So much better than my last experience working with a recruiting company. She was accessible, understood my needs, and was fun!

Zach is one of the most professional and organized people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. If it were solely up to me, I wouldn’t use anyone else for my hiring needs.

I enjoyed working with Sam & Shannon in this search. We’re not the “easiest” company to search for because of our needs.

Sam was phenomenal to work with, even through a difficult time like COVID. He found a great candidate for the position. Will recommend Sam and Broadreach anytime. Thank you!

Considering that it took a year to fill the NYC slot the first time, I was amazed how fast the process was to fill it this time.