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For searches at the Director-level and above, our Retained Searches deliver a focused and extremely thorough approach providing the most professional representation for the role in the market. Our areas of expertise include successful recruitment of: C-level executives, Board Members, Presidents, General Management, VP-level positions in sales, marketing, business development, corporate accounts, research & development, quality, regulatory, finance, service, customer support.



The Exclusive Contingency Search may be used for ongoing openings. This option is selected when a critical need exists and a specific profile is required for the needs of the position. In our contingency business, we have a strong focus in sales, marketing, operations, training and technical support.



A Priority Search is best utilized for positions that have an extremely high priority with a specific deadline, typically driven by the impact on the business. The priority search is also utilized for the addition of multiple positions simultaneously as, for example, in a company’s sales expansion project. A project coordinator is assigned to the client until the position is filled or the expansion completed.

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