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Helping you learn and improve how you think about talent in your organization. Our clients hire us to solve three existing problems (or challenges) they face.

It takes too long to get a qualified, diverse slate of candidates. Why?

Most recruiters don’t take the time to FULLY understand the hiring manager’s needs by “Going Deep” before they initiate the search. This results in wasted time on “off target” candidates. In addition, Candidates need to be fully screened for the technical or cultural fit prior to meeting with the hiring manager. “Going Deep” in both areas streamlines the search process in a very effective way.

How can we make the most cost-effective use of our in-house or RPO recruiters and know when to use an external search firm.

Internal recruiting resources (or RPO resources) typically are working anywhere from 10-30 searches at one time. Hence, it is difficult to put extra focus on a more critical or time-sensitive search. For a cost-effective approach you want to maximize your hiring in-house hiring and have a “Go-To” recruiter, who understands your culture and will be able to integrate with your current processes.  We describe how we complement internal resources as a “swiss cheese” approach.

How can we save the Hiring Manager’s time in the search and hiring process?

Hiring managers must invest a significant amount of upfront screening time in order to field a viable, diverse slate of candidates in order to move to in-person interviews. However, BroadReach offers a streamlined, effective alternative to effectively “clone” the hiring manager’s ideal bulls-eye, so that we can offload the manager and tee up a diverse slate for them much quicker with very minimal involvement. Drag the adjacent slider to visualize how BroadReach’s streamlined processes can lead to a qualified slate of candidates in less time.

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