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Selecting a “Go-To” Recruiter

When selecting your “Go-To” recruiter, there are a few questions to consider and compare among recruitment agencies.



Does the firm have a track record of success in the target area for the role?

Does the firm have the ability to “tell our story” with credibility and passion, in order to engage the top, passive candidates? How do they do this?

Does the firm understand that my time is valuable and can they work within my availability to make timely progress on the search?

Does the firm look at the search as a transaction or as building a longer term partnership, based on mutual respect and synergy?

Does the firm look at total lowest cost, by considering the percentage of candidates who “stick” with the right cultural fit and the percentage of candidates who accept the offer, once generated?

Does the firm have the flexibility to “mold” to our company’s specific hiring process and HRIS system?

Growing companies are looking to hire the majority of their new hires at the lowest total cost, often using in-house or RPO resources. This is just good business and we fully agree with this approach.

This approach is very similar to a large block of Swiss Cheese, where the “solid cheese” represents the hires a company should try to do with their in-house or RPO resources. However, just like the occasional “hole” in the Swiss Cheese, there are specific roles that require a more focused approach, either because of the time-sensitivity and/or the critical business impact. It could also be a confidential search, or a sales expansion, requiring a unique skill set.

To address these “holes”, companies need a “Go-to recruiter” who can deliver predictable, accountable, diverse search success. Companies want a firm who has a track record of success and industry knowledge. Someone who can “tell their story” to attract the top, passive candidates to the table. This is where we thrive.

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