Stand together and give back to our local community.

As part of our “Giving Back” initiative, BroadReach Search Partners has partnered with Upstream Impact, to provide assistance to their periodic classes of “Leaders”, who are attending their 7-week, transformational Training Camp, that helps them prepare, interview, and gain employment. BroadReach Search Partners joins these Training Camps near the end, for a day of “mock interviews”, to provide coaching and feedback in refining their interview skills.

It is an incredibly rewarding experience for our team to work with this extremely powerful and successful organization. We LOVE doing it, each and every time!

“The team at BroadReach Search Partners has served as valued partners at a key stage of our Training Camp process for our Leaders. A final project is participating in mock interviews. Their entire staff joins us for the morning and conducts 15 minute interviews back to back, completing up to 50 interviews. Their wisdom and feedback is sharpening and invaluable. Their kindness and encouragement motivates our Leaders to step into job interviews with strength. Empowered with professional, interviewing skills and personal self confidence, our Leaders are working good jobs allowing them to step out of financial poverty. Our program is better because of them. Thank you.”

Jen Janz

Training Camp Director

A group of residents in northeast Denver saw the issue of poverty in their own neighborhoods and felt a comprehensive, holistic solution was lacking, to help able and willing adults get out of poverty. Twenty-seven percent of our neighbors are living in poverty and unless something changes drastically the cycle will continue. They stopped asking the question, “How do we help someone in poverty?” and started asking, “How do we get someone out of poverty?” Solving the problem begins with understanding the holistic nature of poverty and requires intentional engagement and significant relationships. It also demands that we focus not solely on the problem of poverty, but also on the potential of the person. Partnering with a local philanthropist, Upstream was started to help people rise out of poverty and into the workforce.

Results: The monthly employment income of Class 1 graduates increased from $186.50 to $1,712.49. The monthly employment income of Class 2 graduates increased from $1,076.09 to $2,615.46.

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